Friday, May 30, 2014

10 Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas

10 Angry Birds Party Ideas

10. Angry Birds Tic Tac Take-A-Ways
Here is a very creative and inexpensive Angry Birds Party Favor even parents can enjoy. This idea was found on

9. Angry Birds Life Size Carnival Game!
Centering a party around a larger than life scale kids game is a sure Winner! This is a Do it Yourself i found on the blog . It can be done with cardboard and green balloons or balls, OR if you can afford it you can buy the real plush Angry Birds to really crank it up a notch (Product featured below) !

8. Angry Birds Party Food Cheese Snack
Who knew you could do this with Baby Bell cheese? These Angry bird Cheese snacks are sure to surprise your guests and fill up the little ones! Idea found on

7. Angry Birds Amazing Party Cup Cakes

This Cupcake Queen Rosanna Pansino came up with eye popping cup cakes that are sure to be delicious and they double as a Decoration piece!

6. Angry Birds Candy Holder Decorations
A very cute and easy decoration solution to house all your party goodies!
Found on

5. Angry Bird Party Cookies
Now these cookies were done by a professional cookie designer found on . But i dare you to push out your creative side and make some amazing sugar cookies of your own!

4. Angrys Bird Fondant Cake Topper 
If decorating your own party cookies wasn't enough, try your hand at this Angry Bird Fondant Tutorial for a very creative cake topper indeed. Found on . Or you can cheat and use this plastic cake topper set and save yourself some time!

3. Angry Birds Face Painting
Get your guests really into the theme by painting them their favorite Angry Bird Character.
Face Painting design found on
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For less messy Face Paintings that will last through the sweat and the tears use Starblend by Mehron. Product was used for this Angry Bird design.

2. Angry Birds Wall Decal
This Angry Bird Wall Decal would be a perfect back drop for a gift table or behind your party sitting area! 

1. Angry Birds Birthday Party Cake
Last but not least, the Angry Bird Party Cake. This can be completed with fondant as seen in image or you can use frosting and get a very similar looking Angry Bird cake! Cake design found on .

Angry Birds Gift Ideas


  1. Looks good. I really like such parties. On my 20th birthday I recently threw a 1950s inspired party at some vintage event venue New York and it truly turned out to be just awesome. Everyone was dressed in 1950s style and we totally enjoyed the evening.