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10 Little Mermaid Princess Party Ideas

10 Little Mermaid Princess Party Ideas

10. Little Mermaid Jelly Fish Party Decoration
Make your house or party area look like the scene for "Under the Sea" with these cute jelly fish hanging decorations. Found on

9. Baby Pool Used as Party Water Cooler
Here is a very inexpensive solution to putting up a large and inviting party decoration that also works as a functional drink or water cooler that even the children will enjoy. Idea found on

8. Little Mermaid Birthday Cupcake Idea
This adorable Sebastian Crab, Little Mermaid Cupcake design, would make a great decorative piece on your snack or cake table. This can be easily accomplished with fondant, or you can try your hand with icing the design.
Found on

7. Under the Sea Fishnet Wall Decoration
Here is a great way to create a backdrop to your Under Water Party Theme. You can use fish and shell cut outs like seen in the image. If you want to put your party decoration over the top you can incorporate real shells, Christmas lights and stuffed animal fish tied into the fishnet. Idea found on
6. Little Mermaid Party Large Wall Decoration Graphic
A fun accent to your wall decorations would be to use a a life size Little Mermaid image. You can also use it as a great backdrop for party pictures and birthday portrait picture of the birthday princess. Found at link below:

5. Little Mermaid Party Favor Sand Buckets
A very simple and easy to find favor holder would be plastic sand castle buckets. You can fill them with under water themed favors such as Goldfish, bath toys, and bubbles as seen in picture.
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4. Seaweed Twisted Ribbon Little Mermaid Party Decoration
Using paper ribbon can be a very inexpensive way to turn your party room into an underwater adventure.  Also can use fish and bubble cut outs to add to the under the sea effect.
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3. Little Mermaid Treasure Finding Party Game
If you are looking for a fun activity other then the standard pin the tail on the mermaid, this treasure finding game is adorable! Use a large bucket or plastic pool filled with sand to hide toys for the party guests to dig up with plastic sand shovels.
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2. Little Mermaid Doll Birthday Cake
A birthday cake that also doubles as a great present! Now the one pictured is done by a professional cake designer, but you can take as much or as little attention to detail on your own cake either using Fondant or Frosting. Either way your cake will look amazing with Ariel coming out of it.
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1. Little Mermaid Costume Dress for Birthday Girl
Little girls love dress up and you can rarely find a mermaid costume that doesn't look cheaply made. This dress does not look like a cheesy Halloween costume and works as a beautiful party dress for the little princess.
Found at link below.

Little Mermaid Birthday Gift Ideas

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  1. Amazing! Liked all these mermaid ideas and will use them for my child’s birthday party. Those cupcakes look very delicious and will surely have them in party as he has started going to one of Phoenix kindergarten these days and was telling about them recently.